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Bekkah McAlvage


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Bekkah McAlvage plays a mix of country and folk music in a fresh approach to traditional American roots music. Born on the coast of Oregon and raised in the far-flung mountain towns of the Pacific Northwest, she resonates with music of rural life, rugged landscapes, and the stories that have been passed down of lives lived painfully or beautifully or both. 

Her musical influences cross a range of genres which is reflected in the projects she has immersed herself in. They vary from the folk duo, The Maybe Sometimes to the bluegrass band Waking Hazel, the country duo McAlvage and Fretwell, to her current project, the old time/roots band, The Rosa Lees. Given all of this, she can hold her own as a solo performer, swaying back and forth between these musical styles in any given set.

"Bekkah's a great performer who delivers with conviction."

"She manages to write about real people and events and to express ideas she has about the world and all the while still sound like she's simply dug up and dusted off old classics that you've never heard before."

"She delivers her material in a strong and heartfelt singing voice and with a deft touch on the guitar."

"Writing and performing, Bekkah has a ton of talent."

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Photos by Justin Gordon

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